Home Fragrance for Entertaining in Style

Finally, after months of not being able to invite friends and family over, we'll soon be able to entertain at home when restrictions further relax next week on 17th May. We have missed meeting the people we love around a delicious home-cooked dinner served on a nicely dressed table.

Create a welcoming atmosphere by lighting up a perfumed candle 1 to 2 hours prior to your guests arrival so that the scent has time to fill the room. A well-chosen candle is also great to accompany a meal. For instance, the fresh and zesty notes of Mandarin & Mint will convey the refreshing  character of a delicious fizzy drink. If you prefer a warmer ambiance, the gourmand notes of Figue Noire will subtly complement and enhance the flavours and scents of the food you're serving. 

If you're invited to a dinner, a perfumed candle or diffuser also makes a great gift for your hosts instead of the classic flowers or bottle of wine.
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