Celebrate Day of the Dead on Columbia Road

Celebrate Day of the Dead on Columbia Road

Columbia Road Shops will be celebrating London Day of the Dead Festival on 28th October 2023 from 12pm onwards. Expect a procession, a beauty parlor and a mariachi band, and the colour walk people on the day.

Londons Day of the Dead on Columbia Road

The Mexican… is familiar with death. [He] jokes about it, caresses it, sleeps with it, celebrates it.It is one of his favorite toys and his most steadfast love.” –Octavio Paz: ‘The Labyrinth of Solitude’.

The Day of the Dead is, despite its name, a joyful celebration honouring the passing of loved ones. On this day it is believed that the spirits of the ancestors return. They are honoured and remembered by their families and friends on Earth. Flowers are an intrinsic part of the festival.

Yellow flowers, such as marigolds, are used to decorate homes so the spirits can find their way home. Flowers symbolise the transience of life.

The street is a stage and we invite you to join us & to come other than you are.


Program for the day: 

11am London’s first Day of the Dead bike ride will leave at 11am from Arnold Circus. Returning to Columbia Road at 12.30pm. Attire skeletal, floral and bright. Book at the Beauty Parlour between 10am to 11pm here.

12pm Day of the Dead Beauty Parlour opens at  Breathe 57 Columbia Rd Get the look! – hair and make up.

12pm Mexican hot chocolate at Milagros.

12pm  Mexican food and drink

12pm A shrine will be created

12.30pm Day of the Dead Yoga -rattle your bones – prompt start at 12.30pm  at Ezra Street. 

2pm Procession with the Mariachi, Colour Walk People, and the chevy and coffin from The Bird Cage. 

3.00pm The Black Swan Border Morris dancers will dance summoning up the spirits with themes of rebirth & death.


Why not add a lovely scent to your celebrations - we look forward to seeing you.