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  • Ingredient Focus: Bergamot

    Bergamot is one of those ingredients you might have seen in perfume descriptions without knowing exactly what it is. You would be surprised to learn it is one of the...

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  • 7 tips to make your fragrance last

    [originally published on 21st July 2017] One of the questions most commonly asked by our customers is how to make their fragrance last longer. We have asked Kate, Angela’s daughter, to...

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  • Bridal Bouquet - How to make your wedding day a fragrant affair

    [originally published on 28th April 2018] With wedding season just around the corner and a royal marriage on the horizon, it got us thinking on how to choose a perfume...

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  • Green notes

    Green fragrances feature fresh and lively notes that evoke freshly cut grass or stems, green leaves (like violet leaf), foliage, mosses, green tea or other green vegetal scents. This family...

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  • 5 Top Tips for Moth Eradication

      Moths can cause irreparable damage to our favourite garments, so here are our top tips on how to protect your precious pashminas and cashmeres : Never store away unwashed...

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  • Introducing The Flower Market Home Collection

    I'm thrilled to be introducing six gorgeous new floral and botanical scents to our Home Fragrance collection. Inspired by the iconic Columbia Road Flower Market where our first shop opened...

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