Good Things Come in Small Packages

Good Things Come in Small Packages

This past year, we’ve noticed how popular smaller sizes of fragrance bottles have become in both our shops as well as online. The demand for travel sizes and compact bottles has increased and it got us thinking…

As niche and artisan perfumery is getting more popular, the knowledge and level of appreciation of fine fragrance are higher than ever. Smaller sized bottles are a great way to expand our wardrobe of fragrances and make it possible to vary and change our perfume depending on the season or the mood we’re in. After all, no one wants to wear the same outfit every day, so why should we always wear the same fragrance?

Smaller sizes are also a way to try a scent that is different to the style of fragrances we usually go for, very often out of habit: we might not necessary want to invest in a big size right away but a travel size or a compact bottle enables us to do so.

They also make it easier to be bold and experiment with layering a fragrance on top of another! Visit or call us and our sales assistants will be happy to give you advice on how to layer scents.

For our customers who live overseas, our small size bottles fall within less restrictive shipping rules that apply to perfume and other alcohol-based products. 

Small size bottles are also the perfect travel companion, whether you’re flying off under the sun or to stick in the gym bag. They also make great little gifts for your friends and loved ones… or a little treat for yourself!

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