Our Special Scents

Our Special Scents


One of a Kind Perfumes with a Story Behind Them

In the 35 years of so of our existence as an Artisan Perfume brand, we've created over 40 perfumes in our different collections. Every fragrance has a unique story of how it came to life but some of our creations hold a special place in our hearts. They were born out of love and friendship, special anniversaries or encounters with talented artists and craftsmen.

You'll find that many of these special perfumes have a link to textiles. For instance, Taffeta and Lawn from our Atelier Collection, are inspired by Angela Flanders' love of fabrics and her background as a theatre and television costume designer. Based on fabrics, texture and touch, they embody the legacy passed onto Kate by her mother and their shared history and love of textile interpreted in fragrance.

We hope you'll enjoy discovering these unique fragrances and the stories behind their creation.


Oakmoss, vetiver, tuberose

Precious One was lovingly created by Angela Flanders for her daughter Kate who wanted a signature perfume to celebrate the 5th anniversary of her fashion boutique Precious in Spitalfields.

Woody and musky, this unisex perfume is as comforting as a length of precious cashmere. Precious One was awarded Best New Independent Fragrance at the Fragrance Foundation Awards in 2012.




Hyacinth, iris, vetiver

Taffeta is the second fragrance in the Atelier Collection, a series of perfumes inspired by a shared family history of textiles translated into perfumes.

Elegant and mysterious, just like silk taffeta, this perfume captures the early evening when dusk starts to fall, and we prepare to embark on an evening adventure.




Patchouli, whisky note, oudh

Born out of a collaboration between Dr Jim Beveridge, Master Blender of Johnnie Walker and Angela Flanders, Aqua Alba is a celebration of the art of blending.

Distinguished, comforting and rugged, Aqua Alba translates the flavours of whisky and the olfactory notes of the Scottish landscape into fragrance.




Galbanum, jasmine, tuberose, patchouli

Inspired by her mother Angela’s love of fabrics and by a poem by writer Vicci Bentley, Lawn inaugurates the Atelier Collection ans is the debut fragrance of perfumer's daughter Kate Evans.

Lawn captures the the image of a dewy, green garden at dawn and the calm sense of renewal inspired by a summer morning…




Bergamot, lavender, patchouli

Bleu de Chine is a sophisticated scent inspired by the vintage Chinese indigo and white textiles, sourced by textile expert Noel Chapman of Bleu Anglais. With a background in costume design, Angela Flanders was inspired by her friend's collection when she created Bleu de Chine in 2014.

Blending fresh and aromatic top notes with a deep woody base, this unique 'blue' scent has a soothing and grounding effect.