What is a Gourmand Perfume ?

What is a Gourmand Perfume ?


Gourmand fragrances take their name from the French for "someone who deeply enjoys eating" and as a relatively new dish on the fragrance menu, they are the modern and mouthwatering fragrances with rich, addictive notes that tend to smell almost edible.

When we think of Easter, we think about a time rebirth and reawakening. A time for feasting, colour and celebrations. Parks and riversides bring a smile as golden daffodils bloom.

As with all festivities, Easter time is a bountiful haven for the senses; An abundance of appetising riches await the taste buds, which invariably tantalise and tempt our olfactive palette too.

Gourmand Perfume Cake with Figs and Flowers

Fragrances from the "Gourmand" family provide the perfect perfume accessory to the scene with their yummy notes of soft vanilla, the warm, buttery richness of exotic white flowers and woods, addictive trails of exotic amber and spice.

As Neil Chapman, author of Perfume In Search of your Signature Scent, says “with the obvious symbiosis of our senses of taste and smell, it is hardly surprising that perfumers turn to the delicious world of food for their inspiration, or that such scents are skin comforting security blankets in times of societal uncertainty”

The zeitgeist of this trend was really captured by the legendary "Angel" created of course by the late, great, Thierry Mugler. In fact, Angel was so influential, it lead the way for a multitude of other fragrances centered around a predominant patchouli /chocolate/caramel accord.

Think Choppard's "Wish", Dior's "Addict" and Guerlain's "My Insolence" The heady, nostalgic almost magical delights of the candy store combine with the olfactive Aladdin's cave of the perfume shop.

Chocolate Cake with Figs and Fruit Gourmand Perfumes

Chapman’s own review of our Figue Noire included in his seminal book reads “a rebellious shocker, a tongue searing mouthful of glinting, hardboiled sweets: if you could buy them at the confectioners they would be like pear drops, great big fig drops.”

The after effect of which feels exactly like that delicious moment on Easter Sunday when you've finished the last pieces of your favourite Easter Egg and you now staring at the tiny bag of miniature treats inside and thinking... "Well, I've started on this journey of indulgence, so I may as well finish" which go to show that Gourmand Perfumes really are a recipe to delight.

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written by Simon Waddell & Kate Evans