Leather Rosa - OX Magazine

Posted on June 01 2023

Leather Rosa - OX Magazine
Leather Rosa features in OX Magazine June 2023 
What's Your Fragrance Kink by Sophie Elkan
I have to admit, this fragrance has become something of an obsession. Generally, I’m not a fan of rose-based scents. I love rose as a shower gel, or on other people. I love roses in the garden but in terms of my personal preference I do not identify as a rosaphile. I first came across Leather Rosa in my capacity as Judge for the Fragrance Foundation Awards (no surprise to see it winning Best Independent Fragrance at the ceremony last month). Tasked with blind testing around 40 new fragrances, Leather Rosa stood out. All the voluptuous sensuality of the bloom is here finding unexpected bedfellows in agar wood, oud and amber which mingle together to create something smoky, rich and taboo. It’s a shameless medley of all sorts of kinky naughtiness and I love it.
Online version available here

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