Three of the best perfumed candles for Autumn

Three of the best perfumed candles for Autumn


As the nights draw in and there's a chill in the evening air, we find ourselves nesting and lighting a candle to fill the room with soft and comforting fragrance and the companionable flicker of a flame. No wonder that the Nordic countries value the atmosphere of candle light, there is simply nothing like it for creating a welcoming and warm atmosphere.

Our legendary candles are all lovingly hand poured in our own studio. A carefully balanced blend of waxes ensures that we can add a generous amount of our exclusive perfumes to the mix to offer you a more luxurious candle than many others on the market, for over 40 hours of fragrant burning time.  

With this in mind we've picked three of our favourite candles that will fill your home with gorgeous perfume.


1. Figue Noire


Figue Noire is an exotic & sumptuous Floral Oriental in which richly purple, candied fig notes rest upon a dark and sensual base. One of our favourite candles for the luscious gourmand notes, perfect for dining rooms, dinner parties or just a dinner a deux.


 Zanzibar candle

2. Zanzibar

In this exotic yet gentle oriental fragrance, delicate yet heady ylang ylang, jasmine and rose are combined with the freshness of lemon leaves, all float on a warm cedar-wood heart. The perfect candle to welcome Autumn into your home with its warm woody notes & distinctive colour, it wraps you in a comforting fragrance, as good as sitting next to a log fire.



3. Parisienne

Stylish and elegant, like the legendary city itself. Romantic and warm, Parisienne speaks of assignations at dusk and walks by the Seine, trailing its silage of powdery musks, roses and a whisper of softest vanilla. A lovely sophisticated warm floral perfume for the home in Autumn, perfect for elegant sitting rooms or a luxurious bedroom.