A Cult Fragrance inspired by Whisky

Posted on October 18 2019

A Cult Fragrance inspired by Whisky

We are pleased to announce our fragrance Aqua Alba is available again after a hiatus of a few years. Named for the spirit of Scotland, this unique fragrance was originally created by Angela Flanders and released as a limited edition in 2012. It quickly became an established, cult perfume.

However one of the base ingredients, Brown Oak Moss, became unavailable meaning that a re-working of the original formula was required. We've amended the original formula with new accords in the base to replace the lost Oak Moss, while retaining the other original ingredients, and maintaining the fine balance of the original fragrance. 

It was a fascinating process to watch Angela create Aqua Alba, inspired by her conversations with Jim Beveridge, Master Blender at Johnnie Walker Whisky; and attempting to replace the lost ingredient while remaining as true to the original as possible has been quite an olfactory challenge

With such a loyal following for this particular perfume, and a waiting list for the new iteration we are thrilled to have it ready in time for this winter season. We hope you'll enjoy this new rendition of Aqua Alba as much as we do!


 Aqua Alba


The Fragrance

Aqua Alba celebrates the art of blending, distilling the distinctive flavours of whisky and translating them into fragrance. The name Whisky stems from the Gaelic word meaning “water of life”, and the dark earthy notes of Aqua Alba evoke its magically restorative properties.
Distinguished, comforting and rugged, Aqua Alba draws on elements of the Scottish landscape that so imbue whisky with its distinctive flavours - peat smoke, heather, wind blasted wood, soft green mosses... Labdanum and patchouli represent the moss and earth, overlaying a heart of heather and gaiac wood, on a base of sweet amber, oudh and smoky peat.




 Originally published on 18/10/2019

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