Ciao Eataly London

Ciao Eataly London

We're thrilled to have Italian food mecca, Eataly open its first UK dining and food market, just a stone's throw from Angela Flanders, at Liverpool Street two weeks ago.

From the long queues that have already formed around the block with visitors to the new emporium over the past weekends there is no doubt that this will be a hit and a wonderful new addition to the Spitalfields area.

The Eataly story starts in January 27, 2007 – when founder, Oscar Farinetti opened the first Eataly in Torino, Italy, with the idea it would be much more than a store. He wanted to create a school, a market, a table to gather around all under one roof. He travelled across Italy’s 20 regions to find the best local producers who follow the Slow Food ethos – ensuring Eataly will be a place for food that is good, clean and fair.


Fresh Bread at Eataly London


The 42,000 sq ft site in London features a food market, takeaway food and al fresco dining areas for customers, with its eat-in restaurant, bar and cookery schools scheduled to open later in the year as coronavirus restrictions lift.


Fresh Pasta from Eataly London


The terrace bar is now open and we can't wait for the main launch on 20th May when the restaurants will also be functioning and Eataly will be in full swing.


Tiramisu from Eataly London


In the meantime I think I can be happy with the delicious hand made pasta, italian breads, fantastic selection of aperetivos and wines and of course the dolces !


Buon Appetito !


135 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 3YD


Visit the Eataly website to discover more and for reservations.