Freshen Up your Home for Summer with Citrus Floral Scents

Posted on August 22 2019

Freshen Up your Home for Summer with Citrus Floral Scents

Introducing Lime Flowers & Orange Blossom, two ranges of perfumed products for the home from our new Flower Market Home Fragrance Collection.

Lively and zesty citrus floral scents are perfect to freshen up your home and create a summer holiday atmosphere.

This new range of scented products will find a place in every room:  a diffuser placed in the bathroom will keep it fresh at all times and our famous scented candles will create a lovely atmosphere  during summer evenings. Make your bedroom and hallway inviting by spraying one of our living mists on your linen or use it as a room fragrance. Our scented Hand & Body Washes will add a nice touch on the sinks of your bathroom or kitchen.

With notes reminiscent of linden blossom and grass, Lime Flowers evokes leisurely picnics under a Linden tree on a sunny spring day. An invigorating floral which captures the crisp, clean and luminous quality of fresh lime flowers.

Alternatively our Orange Blossom collection conjures up memories of sunny holidays in the Mediterranean!


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