Hot Weather Perfume Tips

Hot Weather Perfume Tips


With the recent heatwave leaving us all more aware of rising temperatures here at home, we've been asked how to care for your perfume in hot conditions and which fragrances travel well when off to warmer climates.

Here are our tips and tricks for staying fragrant in the heat:

1. Less is More

If you are using a more intense eau de parfum then use more sparingly on the pulse points at your wrists, and behind the ears. A little spritz on the hair carries beautifully in a warm breeze. If you prefer to use more liberally, or love fresh zesty citrus notes, then consider a lighter eau de toilette and spritz more liberally to freshen and uplift in the heat.

2. Heat Amplifies Scent

Warmer air or climates seem to "amplify' fragrance warming and intensifying it as it hits the air. Imagine how delicate spray of jasmine drifts across warm evening breeze in exotic climes. Don't over do it, the warmer air will do its work in intensifying whatever you wear.

3. Moisturise Your Skin

Well moisturised skin will retain fragrance for longer. If using a perfumed cream or lotion, select a note that is complementary to your fragrance, or perhaps add a touch of perfumed bath silk to an early evening bath.

4. Keep Perfume Cool & Dark

Please keep your treasures out of the heat, you may enjoy the sun, but they do not. Ensure they are in a cool and preferably dark place. Not on a sunny windowsill or even a very warm room. The best option when the mercury hits 30 and over is to keep your fragrance in the fridge. 

5. Fresh from the Fridge  

Spritzing on a little fridge fresh fragrance, is a really enjoyable experience in the heat too ! And if your candles are also looking a little jaded, pop them into the fridge to firm up too - lighting them again once dusk falls and the temperature drops. A lovely ritual in hot weather as that scent will drift beautifully on the warmer air.

6. Travel with Scent

Consider being a little more experimental when you travel. Perfume conjures up so many memories for us all, think about your destination, and consider a new fragrance for your travels. If you're heading to exotic climes, then exotic white florals including jasmine or tuberose are wonderful at night. Smoky oudhs, and deeper rose notes are perfect in hot weather and for the Mediterannean well it's got to be a citrus. 

7. Travel Tips

You can take up to 100ml size as hand luggage, however if trying a new fragrance then why not consider a 10ml travel spray or a more compact 30ml size that's easy to pack. I'm also a great believer in getting a candle into a trainer, I love adding some atmosphere to a hotel room or holiday rental in the evening.