Ingredient Focus : Lavender

Ingredient Focus : Lavender


Of all the fragrance notes, lavender is probably most famous for its relaxing aromatic qualities. An ancient natural remedy, lavender is part of the mint family, native to the Mediterranean mountains.

It is generally believed the name comes from the Old French ‘lavandre’, itself derived from the Latin ‘lavare’ which means ‘to wash’. It refers to the ancient Roman tradition of perfuming baths with lavender oil. In Medieval times, lavender was used to scent linen and strewn on the floors of churches and homes to release pleasant odours when crushed under foot.

Traditionally, lavender has been used as a natural remedy in aromatherapy and has been valued since ancient times for its calming, soothing, anti-depressant properties. People used to fill pillows with lavender to promote peaceful, relaxing sleep.

Today, the essential oil of lavender is widely used in the production of perfumes and body care products. There are different types of lavender and the one mostly used in perfume is the English Lavender or Lavandula angustifolia. Its essential oil, obtained through steam distillation has a sweet floral aroma.

Other types of lavender used in fragrances are the Lavandula latifolia and the more camphorous Lavandula stoechas.

Lavandula intermedia (also known as Dutch lavender) produces an oil called lavandin, but with its higher levels of camphorous notes, which bring a sharper overtone to the scent, it is often regarded as of a lower quality compared to English lavender.

In fragrances, lavender blends beautifully with citrus notes, oakmoss, woody notes of patchouli or pine, aromatic notes of rosemary and sage and orange blossom.

Angela Flanders Lavender & Chamomile relaxing range

English lavender is combined with soothing Roman chamomile (the best quality available) in our therapeutic Lavender & Chamomile spray. Use as a pillow/bedlinen spray or room spray to promote peaceful, refreshing sleep – or as a daytime cologne, to help overcome the stresses of modern living. This balancing blend has been a favourite with stressed out city folk for years! So why not treat yourself to some calm in a bottle? This relaxing blend is also available as a candle, bath oil or reeds diffuser