Interior Scent Pairings with Anouska Tamony

Interior Scent Pairings with Anouska Tamony


I was delighted to be invited to pair our home fragrances with recent interior schemes from talented interior designer, Anouska Tamony. It was a fascinating process to be sent a collection of images and to see what scent they suggested - I'm delighted to say Anouska loved the pairings and you can see the full selection on her post here

It underlined just how important scent can be as part of a home scheme or when setting the scene for a special event or festival.

As Anouska says 

"Imagine for instance entering a panelled study lined with books and a big armchair in front of an open hearth and smelling cocooning woody scents. You’d feel beckoned closer and an urge to be enveloped in the cosiness of the space. To enter the same room and smell a perfectly pleasant but disjointed smell like washing powder or cut grass would somehow feel all wrong and promote quite the wrong mood for the setting."


We thought we'd share a couple of our favourite pairings here to give you some inspiration 

The Bathroom

I’d suggest Rose Sauvage for this bathing area, which has a rather intriguing mix of spa like zen and Moroccan romanticism to it. Rose Sauvage has a fresh, bright berry top note layered on the softer and romantic rose heart with a delicately warm amber base. I’d be tempted to add the matching bath silk to this divine tub to enjoy a truly sensual and fragrant bathing experience.

The Adults Snug


This sophisticated scheme calls for our new Oudh Bakhoor, a luxurious and soft almost vanillic oudh candle in which  a delicate slightly sweet top note is combined with the depth and smokiness of oudh, and agarwood with sweet resin, cedarwood and a hint of leather. The perfect fragrance for a relaxed living area with a warm woody aroma. I can see the candle gently flickering in the room gently adding its luxurious fragrance to this grown up space.

Lighting a candle adds an atmospheric dimension to a room, particularly for a room used in the evening, do allow your candle at least 3-4 hours burning time to really benefit from the fragrance and ensure even burning, even more important in a larger space.

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