Relax and Restore with Olverum Bath Oil

Relax and Restore with Olverum Bath Oil

The story of Olverum Bath Oil is as rich and as rare as the oil itself. From a twelfth century physic garden to the latest modern laboratories, it's a story involving a family secret carried for decades, and several lifetimes of passion and specialist knowledge.

In 1931 a german couple, Franz and Edith Klein decided to replicate the wonderful bath oil that they had enjoyed at the spa they visited, when they were told the spa could no longer produce it.

Combining their experience in Franz's winery business and Edith's pharmacy training, they set about to create this wonderful therapeutic bath treatment from the finest pure essential oils that they could grow and source.

The original batch of just seven litres, mostly gifted, met a rapturous response. By 1943 and with war looming, it was becoming impossible to source the essential oils and production was suspended. The remaining oil was hidden and the formula was buried in the monastery gardens. In 1948 the formula was safely retrieved and production re commenced.

Olverum Bath Oil x Angela Flanders

Olverum, takes its name from the Latin oleum verum, meaning 'true oil'.

 For many years, Olverum survived by word of mouth – a cult product known only to a small number of passionate fans. Then fate intervened, in a typically unusual form when the current owner chanced upon the oil while visiting his Mayfair hairdresser, Truefitt & Hill. Barbers by Royal Appointment, they had been asked to carry a small number of bottles for the Royal Household.

A discovery had been made, and today Olverum's unique heritage has been preserved and enhanced with a wider range of complementary body products to compliment the iconic bath oil experience, using ethically produced and sustainable ingredients, which are recognised as best in class.

Olverum Purifying Hand Wash x Angela Flanders

Still used and enjoyed today by members of the Royal Family and the Hollywood elite alike, celebrating its therapeutic benefits, and its luxurious and sophisticated unisex fragrance.

As many of you will know, we rarely stock other brands at our Angela Flanders perfumery, however we have been so impressed with this wonderfully therapeutic bathing experience that we have decided to offer this iconic bath oil and a selection of body products alongside our perfume collection.

As India Knight says "Olverum is Bath Nirvana" and we tend to agree