The Art of Combining Candles

Posted on July 23 2020

The Art of Combining Candles

This week, we explore the art of combining different candle scents together to create a new and unique scent. Many of us are used to burn one candle at a time; you might have a favourite candle you're using all the time or maybe you rotate different scents in and out following the seasons.

You can take this a step further by lighting two candles and create different sensorial experiences when walking from one room to the next. You can also burn two candles in the same room; as the candles melt, the fragrances will combine to create a new, exciting scent. By placing your candles at two opposite ends of a room, you'll create a fragrance continuum and the scent will keep changing as you move across the room. A great way to avoid "scent fatigue" when our noses saturate and struggle to perceive a single fragrance.

The key to mastering candle combining is knowing which notes work well together and how they enhance each other. An easy way to do it is to pair two candles in the same scent family; the result will be natural and harmonious. If you feel a little more adventurous, choose two candles with contrasting scents, for instance a green woody scent combined with a fresh leafy floral. Or a lush floral scent with a zingy citrus. A good rule of thumb is to take inspiration from nature: two scents that are often experienced together in nature should combine beautifully. 

We've come up with three great combinations of candles from our Flower Market Home Collection. Featuring scents inspired by the flowers and foliage found at the Columbia Road flower market, their single notes work very well when combined together.

THE CITRUS GROVE: Orange Blossom + Lime Flowers

A bright and joyous mix of zingy orange and fresh citrus flowers. Clean, crisp and uplifting, this candle duo will transport you to a citrus grove in Italy...

MOSSY WOODLANDS: Fern + Bluebell

Verdant and woody, this combination of candles marries the freshness of dewy bluebells with deeper mossy notes of fern. Green and earthy, it's like taking a walk in the countryside.


THE FLOWER SHOP: White Lilac + Rose

Feminine and romantic, this candle duo smells like a floral arrangement from a sophisticated florist.  This romantic combination of white lilac and pastel-hued roses simply smells lovely.




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