Three of the best perfumed candles for spring

Three of the best perfumed candles for spring

There's a hint of Spring in the air. If you stand still you can just feel a delicate warmth on your skin, a gentle breeze that whispers that the season will change soon and promises days that will last just a little longer each day.

But we're not quite there, come late afternoon the sun has gone and a chill is in the air and it feels good to be in the warmth of ones home again. It's at this stage of the evening that the act of lighting a gently perfumed candle feels so comforting. It feels like a promise of Spring. 

I find that I am yearning for different scents in my home, the freshness of a dewey white floral, the comforting fragrance of rose or a more gentle wood to move my senses away from the deeper days of Winter and set the scene for the coming season, to look forward in an olfactory sense. 

So with that in mind we wanted to share our favourite candles for Spring, here are three that we love to burn at this time of year, and which I hope will inspire you too to bring a little Spring scent into your home.




Angela Flanders Tuberose Candle

1. Tuberose


This warm floral candle features the heady notes of tuberose. This  flower has a sensual, creamy quality unrivalled by other floral perfumes. Very diffusive, this perfumed candle is evocative of sitting in an exotic garden at night.



 Angela Flanders Rose Sauvage Candle

2. Rose Sauvage

This delightfully fresh rose candle will bring a smile to your face. With a gentle fruity top note and a hint of strawberry, Rose Sauvage is inspired by the delicate notes of the briar or wild rose. This candle brings memories of happy sunny days in the countryside and is both comforting and uplifting.


Angela Flanders Bakhoor Oudh Candle
3. Bakhoor Oudh

If you're not keen on floral scents, why not try our traditionally Arabian scented candle with its gentle yet warm blend of smoky oudh, sweet resin, cedarwood with a hint of leather. The perfect fragrance for a relaxed living area with a welcoming woody aroma to create a sophisticated atmosphere.