Dusky Fragrances for Late Summer Days

Dusky Fragrances for Late Summer Days

As Summer is slowly coming to an end, we thought we’d feature perfumes with dusky notes: fragrances that are fresh enough to wear during warm sunny days but that also feature dusky sensual notes in their base, perfectly suited to late summer nights or slightly cooler days.

There is a crisper note in the air, the final Bank Holiday has passed and for many of us it's either back to work or back to school this coming week.

Our late summer (we're not quite ready to say Autumn) selection features dusky notes often found in the late summer garden. Herbal notes of lavender which compliment both fresher notes of bergamot or rose rich garden florals. And of course, more importantly, lavender also helps to calm and relax us and ease us back into the daily routine.

Soft woody notes of patchouli, cedar and amber in this selection, add a dryness and a warmth like the dying heat of summer with just a hint of the change of season, and the idea that soon a touch of woodsmoke and a fire will be comforting.

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