Floral Fragrances for Mother's Day - 31st March

Floral Fragrances for Mother's Day - 31st March


With our connection to the famous Columbia Road Flower Market we are spoilt for choice with wonderful blooms all year round, however there is no doubt that the tradition of giving flowers on Mother's Day makes that Sunday more special than most in the year.

There is something very special about being given flowers, fleeting as their lifetime often is, which got us thinking about celebrating with a longer lasting option of a beautiful floral fragrance.

From a delicate, fresh floral to a full blown rose, or a deep and sensuous, unctuous white floral note such as jasmine or tuberose; there is no doubt that a lovely floral perfume is a luxurious experience. Whether you enjoy the relaxation of a perfumed bath, the ambiance of a scented candle or wearing the fragrance, what a special gift for the wonderful woman you call Mother.



The Gift of Bathing
Our bath silk is a moisturising bath perfume which blends seamlessly with water leaving no oily ring on the bath, yet adding a delightful floral fragrance to your bathing routine for a relaxing and luxurious experience. 

An ideal way to layer your fragrance for a longer lasting effect.





The Gift of Body Care
A luxurious, easily absorbed rich lotion providing moisture and a delicate lasting veil of floral fragrance on the skin. Just what skin needs after a shower or bath for added suppleness

It's also the perfect way to gently layer fragrance for a longer lasting effect, creating a perfect sillage.





The Gift of Perfume
Our floral fragrances make the perfect gift for Mother's Day.

Choose a perfume in our range of exquisite single note flower perfumes and floral bouquets.

From delicate and fresh white florals, feminine roses or elegant mimosa to sultry white floral notes of tuberose and jasmine, the choice is yours, there's a floral note to suit every woman.





The Gift of Ambiance
Our legendary candles are of exceptionally high quality and longevity. They contain a high content of fragrance, ensuring their scent permeates and lingers long after the flame has been extinguished.

Estimated burning time is up to 40 hours of delicious fragrance.





Our Luxurious Gift Boxes


Our lavish gift sets include a bottle of Bath Silk and either a full-size Scented Candle or 30ml Perfume bottle infused with delicate and feminine floral notes. 

Available in three scents (jasmine, rose and tuberose) and presented in a complimentary luxury gold gift box