Sumptuous Winter Skincare

Sumptuous Winter Skincare

It feels as if Winter has arrived with a biting chill to the air, and I find that my skin feels dry. I've been reaching for my Essential Hand Cream during the day too, rather than just my customary pre bedtime session.

Which got me thinking about our lovely skincare products. I'm a devotee of the Rose Face Cream, which I have used for years, abandoning other more expensive products in favour of this light and gentle moisturiser containing pure essential oils of rose otto, palmarosa and geranium all restorative to the skin and uplifting to the spirit.

Our Essential Hand Cream was developed by Angela some years ago and is one of the most nourishing and healing hand creams I have found. I love the slightly medicinal fragrance that the combination of essential oils lends it, but more I love the way it heals any small scratch and sinks straight in.

All our creams are made in small batches using only the best natural and organic skincare bases with the addition of pure essential oils. Whatever your routine, it feels even more necessary to nourish and protect our skin against the elements and it's rather comforting too.

Essential Hand Cream

Developed by Angela over twenty years ago, this indispensable hand cream contains five pure essential oils with legendary healing powers to heal dry, cracked, sore hands.

It also works wonders on bruises and burns. The easily absorbed, rich non-sticky cream base contains only pure essential oils of benzoin, lavender, myrrh, palma rosa & patchouli and is a must for winter hand-care but is also good for feet too.


Perfumed Body Lotion

Treat your skin with our luxurious perfumed body lotion. A non-greasy, easily absorbed rich lotion providing moisture and a delicate lasting veil of fragrance on the skin. Just what winter skin needs after a shower or bath for added suppleness.

If you already wear one of our fragrances, adding a layer of matching body lotion will enhance the scent all day long.


Rose Face Cream

The healing power of rose has been valued for centuries. This incomparably rich and soothing cream is infused with pure essential oils of rose, geranium & palma rosa, together with pure organic rosewater to nourish & regenerate your skin.

Perfect as a day cream to moisturise under make up it's also an equally light and nourishing night cream. A gentle and easily absorbed cream for all skin types.