Taffeta and The Atelier Collection

Taffeta and The Atelier Collection

Taffeta, my second perfume for Angela Flanders, captures the early evening when dusk starts to fall, and we prepare to embark on an evening adventure.

Inspired by the elegant dry and mysterious quality of silk taffeta, which appears to change with the light. I became entranced by the idea of silk Taffeta. It made me think of dusk when the light begins to fade and there’s a slight chill in the air.

I kept finding samples and bottles of a wonderful iris in the studio while I was working and loved both its delicacy and complexity, and it seemed to be ther perfect note for Taffeta.  I wanted to speak of the freshness of iris and also its powdery dry down note; of an elegant woman and an elegant time and yet find a relevance for today.

The Atelier collection is largely inspired by my mother Angela’s love of fabrics. With Angela working as a theatre and television costume designer when I was a child, I grew up surrounded by fabrics, with their colours and textures. Lawn which we introduced in Spring 2018 was my debut fragrance. 

Glass Magazine described Lawn, my debut perfume for Angela Flanders as “a really gorgeous scent – multi-layered, dewy, loamy, sappy and bright”. We Wear Perfume said: “a gentle masterpiece of spring-greenness”.

The Atelier Collection is a new series of perfumes inspired by the legacy passed onto me by my mother, our shared history and love of fabrics and textures interpreted in fragrance, and represents a living tribute to a remarkable woman and a new journey for our perfume house.


A dewy top note of hyacinth accompanies a hint of peppery lavender with its dry and aromatic top note, adding a brittleness and dryness to the powdery notes of the iris and rose in the heart of this elegant scent; skilfully balanced with a smoky touch of vetiver, civet and fresher notes of calamus, which warm and open on the wearer as the evening turns into night.

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