7 tips to make your fragrance last

7 tips to make your fragrance last

[originally published on 21st July 2017]

One of the questions most commonly asked by our customers is how to make their fragrance last longer. We have asked Kate, Angela’s daughter, to share her best tips


1. Do select an eau de parfum rather than the lighter eau de toilette in your chosen fragrance. The stronger concentration will last longer on the skin and is often a more beautiful strength of the original composition.


2. Fragrances with a well-balanced blend of top, heart and base notes will last longer on the skin. The top notes are the first you smell, but as lighter structures they evaporate faster, and once the heart of the perfume has opened the base notes will be the chords that stand the test of time. Look for a well-balanced perfume with longer lasting notes of vetiver, patchouli, sandalwood, amber or vanilla in the base.


3. A well hydrated skin will also hold fragrance for longer. Better still moisturise with the matching body lotion and literally build upon a layer of lighter fragrance on the skin before spritzing on your chosen perfume.


4. Apply your perfume sparingly to the pulse points on the wrists and behind the ears, and do not be tempted to rub the fragrance, it’s better to leave the perfume to unfold naturally as it warms upon the skin. A fine spray on the hair or on a favourite scarf is also a perfect way to add to the overall sillage of perfume as any perfume will hold well on textiles and hair.


5. Try dabbing a touch of lip balm onto the inside of the wrists before applying your perfume – the slightly waxy texture helps the fragrance to hold on longer.


6. Carry a smaller size with you to top up later in the day, particularly if you are going out for the evening, this will freshen up the top notes again. We find that our 10ml travel spray is perfect for this.


7. Finally remember you smell your own perfume less than others will do as your nose becomes accustomed to a regular scent!