A Breath of Perfumed Air

Posted on May 19 2020

A Breath of Perfumed Air

Whether you have a wonderfully large formal garden, a pretty urban courtyard a small patio or a balcony, we are all making the most of spending more time outside at the moment.

Here at Columbia Rd we have a very tiny roof terrace, just enough for two chairs but it has become one of the most loved spaces in the house. In the evening it's a pleasure to sit outside with a drink and relax and light a candle.

We love the idea of enhancing the atmosphere in your outside space by adding fragrance. Why not try an uplifting burst of citrus for a sunny afternoon or a more luxurious floral for evening dining. Tuberose, a favourite of ours, flowers and gives its fragrance at night as do many other luxurious white florals including Jasmine and feels very appropriate.

Perfumed Candle

Tuberose Candle

Heady flowers of the night

Our tuberose candle has a heady perfume with a sensual, creamy quality unrivaled by other floral perfumes. In India, it is known as Rat Ki Rani or Queen of The Night. Gently diffusing its distinctive fragrance, this perfumed candle is evocative of sitting in an exotic garden at night.


White Roses Candle

Luxurious, fresh & delicate

As lovely as a bouquet of white roses on a summer day, the true fragrance of fresh dew-spangled roses, resting on a fresh and slightly mossy green leafy base, which gives this delicate rose fragrance a freshness. A lovely fragrance for the patio or garden at any time of day.


Jasmine Candle

Sensuous & Opulent

This much-loved candle diffuses the incomparable notes of fresh jasmine. Its scent is reminiscent of the springlike freshness of its white petals but it's also opulent and sensual. Reminiscent of balmy evenings, this candle is perfect to accompany al fresco drinks and food

Mandarin & Mint Candle

Zesty, warm, refreshing

A classic combination of green mandarin & neroli which give way to notes of fresh mint, lavender & clary sage. This lively combination rests on a enduring base of grassy galbanum. A lovely fragrance with herbal undertones for a sunny day in the garden.



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