A Good Night's Sleep

A Good Night's Sleep


Is all most of us need and we can conquer the day ahead. Not always the easiest to achieve for many of us. Perhaps we have too much on our minds or worry about bigger picture things that will have an impact but are not necessarily within our control.

Why is it that at sometime between 3am and 4am is often the time we wake and the most difficult time to get back to sleep ? At those moments I must admit I try not to look at the clock, as I fumble about reaching for my trusty Lavender & Chamomile spray which sits beside my bed, another spritz on the pillow can work wonders.

It's been a regular part of my bedtime routine for years, and for many others too. Trusted and used my many of our customers over the years, including a well known Politician who probably needs it more than most at the moment. The comforting and soothing aroma of pure Lavender and Roman Chamomile are a delight on the pillow and somehow suggest to me that it's time to leave the day behind for a few hours and refresh and renew for the new day ahead.


Angela Flanders Lavender & Chamomile