Celebrating An East End Christmas

Celebrating An East End Christmas


Local Inspiration for some of our Iconic Scents

We have always found our local area to be full of inspiration and history. The East End has always welcomed refugees, merchants and travellers, all of whom have contributed to the story of this vibrant area of which we are proud to be a part, with our two shops one in the vibrant Columbia Road Flower Market and the other in the heart of historic Spitalfields.

The Hugenot silk weavers of Spitalfields who settled on the outskirts of the City in the 18th Century became an intrinsic part of the fabric of the area. The wonderful Dennis Severs House is especially worth a visit at this time of year when the house is dressed for Christmas, and you will experience our iconic Mr Severs Candle there.

Mr Severs Candle by Angela Flanders

Mr Severs Candle

Our home, for the past 35 years, in the midst of the famous Columbia Road Flower Market is another constant source of inspiration throughout the year, particularly at Christmas time with the street full of the aroma of trees. It has become an important part of our story too over the years.

Columbia Rose Fragrance by Angela Flanders

Columbia Rose

Our Columbia Rose perfume is inspired by the roses to be found there, and the old spice warehouses that used to exist nearby. I have fond memories of visiting those warehouses, now long gone, of the exotic musty smell, sacks of spices, dried oranges, cinnamon and cloves. Wooden structures imbued with the heady aroma of their precious spiced cargo.

Columbia Road Soap exclusive to Angela Flanders for Christmas 2021

This year we add another locally inspired gift as we are thrilled to have the Soapsmith Columbia Road Soap exclusively this season. I discovered Soapsmith, when I saw this featured last Christmas and fell in love with the brand and their ethos. Since then we have added to the collection and particular favourites for us have to be the Brick Lane and Hackney Marshes fragrances.

Columbia Road will also come to life for the four Christmas Wednesdays in December when all the shops along the street will be open from 5pm to 9pm for late night shopping and carols with St Peters Bethnal Green. Another local tradition we are delighted to have back this year.

Enjoy exploring these special fragrances all with an East End history, and give your Christmas Gifting a little local flavour this season.