How to make your wedding day a fragrant affair

How to make your wedding day a fragrant affair

How do you choose a perfume for your special day? When it comes to your wedding day, you’ll want to smell as great as you’ll look which is why choosing a unique fragrance should be just as important as finding the perfect dress.

Choosing a perfume for your special day

Very often brides-to-be are looking for a different scent to the one they usually wear. Scent is a powerful memory-trigger and picking a special fragrance for the occasion will instantly transport you back to that particular moment in time.

Your choice of scent is very personal. With connotations of romance and femininity, floral scents are generally popular with brides. You can also pick a scent that reminds you of your favourite memory with your significant other, or let the season and venue inspire your scent.

Make sure you test the chosen perfume on your skin in advance of the wedding to see if it works on your skin. It also makes sense to test it in the presence of your partner to make sure they like it too.


Create a fragrant sillage

On your wedding day you’ll need your scent to take you from the ceremony through to dinner and dancing. To make your fragrance last longer, we recommend you wear it in an eau de parfum concentration.

We would not recommend spraying your fragrance directly on the dress as it could stain but spraying a fine mist onto the lining of your dress and your veil will create a fragrant sillage as you walk up the aisle.

If you can, make sure to carry a discreet little handbag spray to reapply your perfume during the day. Alternatively, ask your bridesmaid to carry it for you with lipstick and makeup for touch ups if necessary.

Scenting the venue

To complete the sensorial experience, you can also scent the venue of your wedding. This will create a beautiful atmosphere and bring a whole new dimension to the event.

For instance, you can use one of our perfumed room sprays to set the mood for the ceremony.

At the reception, burning our scented candles in entranceways and bathrooms is also a nice way to diffuse fragrance while creating a warm glow. You can delicately fragrance your dining room area, but remember to be cautious, as you don’t want it to compete with the food that is being served.

Ask your venue to light the candles for you two hours before your guests arrive, allowing enough time for the scent to develop around the room. If your venue doesn’t allow a naked flame, our reed diffusers are the perfect alternative.

Nice touches

Another nice touch you can add, well before the wedding celebrations take place, is to scent your wedding invitations with a spritz of your wedding perfume!

Finally, if you were thinking of handing out gifts to your bridesmaids, our perfumed medallions are a perfect way to show them how much you appreciate all their help. They are exclusive to our Columbia Road store and can be ordered by four in the scent of your choice (please enquire in store).

Discover Bridal Bouquet, a selection of delicate and luscious floral fragrances, also available in a sample set to try on on your skin in advance of the wedding.




[originally published on 28th April 2018]